It’s always with a sense of shock and amazement that we realise a whole other year has passed by and another Christmas is on our doorstep.

Autumn 2015 has been a very busy time for the Stonedoctors team, we have been working tirelessly to bring you the best possible stone products and solutions and here are some highlights from the last 3 months:

  • Packaging and labels have been updated for our STONTEX RANGE:

We have been working with digital designers to develop a sleek and modern look that we want our labels to reflect.

  • New product development.  Stonedoctors have now expanded our range to include:
  1. Stontex Paver Plus; A fantastic new treatment for concrete block paving that not only seals the face of the paver but with our new innovative technology hardens the kiln dried sand between the joints. This maintains the integrity of the paving minimising such issues as subsidence of the blocks and weeds growing up through the sand. Keeps your block paving looking like new long into the future.
  2. Stontex Oil Spot Remover; A very effective cleaner for removing oil stains from all types of paving, will even remove motor and hydraulic oil. It may be necessary to apply several times to remove the oil completely and once clean then seal your paving with a recommended sealer depending on whether its natural stone or concrete.
  3. Stontex Grout 2 New; An innovative treatment for old worn and tired grout lines, suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles. This product will not only re colour your grout lines but also seal them making ongoing cleaning much easier. This is a very easy to use product and we recommend our Stontex Mould Away spray cleaner to clean the tiles and grout lines first prior to application of the Grout 2 New treatment.
  • Application instructions videos. We have collaborated with Online Image digital marketing company and Michel Quinn Landscaping to create the application instruction videos for our four top selling products. The other videos will be posted on our Youtube and Facebook pages soon, so please follow Stonedoctors on Youtube/Facebook  for updates. Here is a pre-view for Stontex Platinum Stone Sealer:

  • Last but not least: End of Year Sales are coming soon.  Take the opportunity to stock up on some of our top quality products at discount prices. The sale will be launched through our Facebook page, so watch this space!

Stonedoctors Team