It seems that the weather is finally improving, that is a great news for Stonedoctors, long sunny days are perfect for carrying out any work in your home and garden. It is also a perfect time for house renovations, general maintenance and cleaning.
We get a lot of questions regarding tiles and the good news is that we have an solution to most of your tile problem. We have an extensive range of product we developed using our extensive experience in in the industry.

Stontex Mould Away - if you have dirty grout lines this is the perfect cleaner removing heavy staining like mould. Once grout is clean and dry then colour and seal your grout lines with our unique Grout 2 New treatment for that freshly grouted finish and makes easier to clean long into the future.

The area around the tiles is also very important, that is why  our Stontex Limex - will remove even the most stubborn limescale from show cubicle glass, toilets and baths.

Other common stains that can occur on tiles are grout haze or grout residue on freshly laid tiles this residue will disappear over time however if you wish to remove it quickly use our Stontex Cement Away on natural stone tiles use our non acidic version called Skavenja Cleaner. Rust can also be an issue from metal furniture rusty nails etc use our non acidic Stontex Rust Off can be used on all tile / stone and concrete surfaces both internal and external.

Recently we developed a fantastic new product for sealing and re-colouring tile grout ‘ Grout 2 New’ - check it out. This product will help to give your tiles that perfect high end finish, without the cost of re-tiling.

So here is our pick for June:


- I am looking for a product to clean non slip tiles on the gents toilet in a pub. Can you recommend one of your products that will do this job without harming the tiles


- The most successful product we have for cleaning non slip tiles is our Oxy Klenza This is an image of Oxy Klenza - natural stone and tile cleanerpowder cleaner mix with warm / hot water can make as strong
as you wish will not harm the tiles.  Follow instructions leaving the diluted solution to dwell on the surface for 15 – 20 mins then rinse with clean water, you can use a hard bristle nylon brush to agitate the area during this dwell time for maximum effectiveness.