Protecting Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Over the winter the homeowners focus is often on the house’s interior. We are always happy to help with your home improvement projects and happy to answer any questions. This winter we received a lot of questions about kitchen countertops protection and maintenance.

Over the last few years quartz has become very popular for worktop surfaces. A lot of people don’t realise but quartz can still be susceptible to staining.

We have a sealing product that we recommend to use on quartz to protect your kitchen countertop without changing the look of the material and make an ongoing maintenance easier.

The product name is Dry Treat Meta Crème, please watch a short instruction video:

For ongoing maintenance please use our Stontex Rejuvenator Spray to clean your sealed counter top.

Here you can view and dowload our Countertop care sheet.

And, finally, we would like share an answer to one of the question we frequently receive at Stonedoctors. Hope you find it useful. :


I’m looking for a product to remove stains from a white quartz worktop. Also a sealer. Can you recommend anything?


Best cleaner to use is Dry Treat Oxy Klenza – mix with warm water into a paste and leave overnight. Once clean and dry apply Dry Treat Meta Crème sealer leave on surface for 2 hrs then buff the residue completely dry with a lint free cloth.