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Protecting Quartz Kitchen Countertops


Over the winter the homeowners focus is often on the house’s interior. We are always happy to help with your home improvement projects and happy to answer any questions. This winter we received a lot of questions about kitchen countertops protection and maintenance.

Over the last few years quartz has become very popular for worktop surfaces. A lot of people don’t realise but quartz can still be susceptible to staining.

We have a sealing product that we recommend to use on quartz to protect your kitchen countertop without changing the look of the material and make an ongoing maintenance easier.

The product name is Dry Treat Meta Crème, please watch a short instruction video:

For ongoing maintenance please use our Stontex Rejuvenator Spray to clean your sealed counter top.

Here you can view and dowload our Countertop care sheet.

And, finally, we would like share an answer to one of the question we frequently receive at Stonedoctors. Hope you find it useful. :


I’m looking for a product to remove stains from a white quartz worktop. Also a sealer. Can you recommend anything?


Best cleaner to use is Dry Treat Oxy Klenza – mix with warm water into a paste and leave overnight. Once clean and dry apply Dry Treat Meta Crème sealer leave on surface for 2 hrs then buff the residue completely dry with a lint free cloth.

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It’s always with a sense of shock and amazement that we realise a whole other year has passed by and another Christmas is on our doorstep.

Autumn 2015 has been a very busy time for the Stonedoctors team, we have been working tirelessly to bring you the best possible stone products and solutions and here are some highlights from the last 3 months:

  • Packaging and labels have been updated for our STONTEX RANGE:

We have been working with digital designers to develop a sleek and modern look that we want our labels to reflect.

  • New product development.  Stonedoctors have now expanded our range to include:
  1. Stontex Paver Plus; A fantastic new treatment for concrete block paving that not only seals the face of the paver but with our new innovative technology hardens the kiln dried sand between the joints. This maintains the integrity of the paving minimising such issues as subsidence of the blocks and weeds growing up through the sand. Keeps your block paving looking like new long into the future.
  2. Stontex Oil Spot Remover; A very effective cleaner for removing oil stains from all types of paving, will even remove motor and hydraulic oil. It may be necessary to apply several times to remove the oil completely and once clean then seal your paving with a recommended sealer depending on whether its natural stone or concrete.
  3. Stontex Grout 2 New; An innovative treatment for old worn and tired grout lines, suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles. This product will not only re colour your grout lines but also seal them making ongoing cleaning much easier. This is a very easy to use product and we recommend our Stontex Mould Away spray cleaner to clean the tiles and grout lines first prior to application of the Grout 2 New treatment.
  • Application instructions videos. We have collaborated with Online Image digital marketing company and Michel Quinn Landscaping to create the application instruction videos for our four top selling products. The other videos will be posted on our Youtube and Facebook pages soon, so please follow Stonedoctors on Youtube/Facebook  for updates. Here is a pre-view for Stontex Platinum Stone Sealer:

  • Last but not least: End of Year Sales are coming soon.  Take the opportunity to stock up on some of our top quality products at discount prices. The sale will be launched through our Facebook page, so watch this space!

Stonedoctors Team


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Here is our pick for July:


I have granite stone on my house. Some of the stones have gone white. It looks like the whiteness is “weeping” from the stone joints maybe caused by lime in the cement mix. Have you seen this before?

-  Is it possible to clean this off the surface of the stone and also remove the whiteness from the stone joints? -  Also do you recommend sealing the stone, is this a service you do?


Yes this is a common problem our Stontex Cement Away is very effective at removing these efflorescence / lime staining issues. We recommend you do a small sample area first apply cleaner on surface for about 5mins during this time agitate with a nylon brush then wash off. Once the stone is clean and dry the recommended sealer would be our premium Dry Treat Stain Proof coverage for granite is 15sqm per quart. If you wish we can recommend registered contractors that can carry out the cleaning and sealing for you (just let us know where are you based and we will send you details of a specialist in your area).

Kind regards

Stonedoctors Team

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It seems that the weather is finally improving, that is a great news for Stonedoctors, long sunny days are perfect for carrying out any work in your home and garden. It is also a perfect time for house renovations, general maintenance and cleaning.
We get a lot of questions regarding tiles and the good news is that we have an solution to most of your tile problem. We have an extensive range of product we developed using our extensive experience in in the industry.

Stontex Mould Away - if you have dirty grout lines this is the perfect cleaner removing heavy staining like mould. Once grout is clean and dry then colour and seal your grout lines with our unique Grout 2 New treatment for that freshly grouted finish and makes easier to clean long into the future.

The area around the tiles is also very important, that is why  our Stontex Limex - will remove even the most stubborn limescale from show cubicle glass, toilets and baths.

Other common stains that can occur on tiles are grout haze or grout residue on freshly laid tiles this residue will disappear over time however if you wish to remove it quickly use our Stontex Cement Away on natural stone tiles use our non acidic version called Skavenja Cleaner. Rust can also be an issue from metal furniture rusty nails etc use our non acidic Stontex Rust Off can be used on all tile / stone and concrete surfaces both internal and external.

Recently we developed a fantastic new product for sealing and re-colouring tile grout ‘ Grout 2 New’ - check it out. This product will help to give your tiles that perfect high end finish, without the cost of re-tiling.

So here is our pick for June:


- I am looking for a product to clean non slip tiles on the gents toilet in a pub. Can you recommend one of your products that will do this job without harming the tiles


- The most successful product we have for cleaning non slip tiles is our Oxy Klenza This is an image of Oxy Klenza - natural stone and tile cleanerpowder cleaner mix with warm / hot water can make as strong
as you wish will not harm the tiles.  Follow instructions leaving the diluted solution to dwell on the surface for 15 – 20 mins then rinse with clean water, you can use a hard bristle nylon brush to agitate the area during this dwell time for maximum effectiveness.


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Image or stone wall with rust stain



Many of us have been there…You invested a lot  thought and effort  in the designing your house and making it a perfect home for you. A lot of time was spent choosing the right product, then you spent your hard earned money on that perfect new fireplace or patio or a natural stone table, that is no doubt one of the most beautiful features in your house and then….a STAIN, either wine, water, oil or rust. That stain can be a big or a tiny one, so small in fact that no one might be even noticing but you. But the fact that it upsets you in any way is a big enough reason in Stonedoctors books to help you to get rid of it,  so that you can continue to admire your beautiful natural stone for many year to come without that nasty stain taking away from your joy.

Here is one question we chose from many we receive from our customers and site visitors each month. This piece is dedicated to one of our stone cleaning products that can be used to remove rust stains from your natural stone, tile, or brick.


There’s a ring of rust on my new kota blue limestone – I could scream.  What can I do if anything?


We have a non acidic rust stain remover called STONTEX RUST OFF -
perfect for use on acidic sensitive materials like limestone.
Simple to use just follow the instructions for heavy staining you may
need to reapply.

Stontex Rust Remover is PH-neautral and is suitable for cleaning all types of natural stone,
ceramic and porcelain tiles.
This product removes rust and rust discoloration from acid sensitive stone.
Suitable for internal and external use.

As usual, once cleaned, we recommend your stone to be sealed by a suitable product like our Stontex Platinum stone sealer or Dry Treat Stain Proof. This will ensure the material is protected from weather damage and ensure it is easily maintained long into the future. We are always happy to give free advice on the type of sealer that is most suitable for your stone or block paving. Read our blog dedicated to applying sealers yourself.


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What is that white stuff on my stone?

How to remove efflorescence from natural stone and brick.

Stonedoctors are often asked for advice on how to remove white residue from the natural stone or brick. The white residue is in fact is called efflorescence, or in other words the natural salts and minerals found in natural stone and brick.

This is a very common problem.

What happens is that natural salts in the material are carried to the surface and deposited by water penetrating into the material and moving through the microscopic pores in the brick / stone. Once the water evaporates from the surface the salts are left and the sun then solidifies the salt deposit on the surface of the material.

The ideal time to deal with this and remove the salt residue is before it hardens on the surface using a non acidic efflorescence cleaner like our Skavenja Cleaner.

However more often that not the salts have hardened and an acidic cleaner is needed like our Stontex Cement Away to break down the salt deposit and remove it from the surface. However some materials are acidic sensitive i.e. limestone, marble and concrete that can etch / discolour the material so you need to keep this in mind, but you have little choice unless you engage a specialist that can remove with a special machine without the use of chemicals (this can be quite expensive and we have recommended specialists that can carry out this work if someone wishes to go down this route).

If you are not sure how your stone or brick reacts to acidic cleaners the best approach is to test a small area first. If you are happy with the results you then can apply the product to the rest of the area.

Here are ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of a red brick wall with efflorescence that has been cleaned with Stontex Cement Away and sealed with Dry Treat Stain Proof (2 coats) to  help prevent the re-occurrence of white staining in the future.




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Can I do it myself?


We are often asked questions like : ‘ Can I clean and seal my patio natural stone myself using your products or do I need to book a trade service specialist?’
Yes you can do it yourself easily. All our products are designed to be used by general public and there are step by step instructions on each bottle.

However before you start there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration, like:

  • The size of the paved area that you need to clean and seal

First of all you need to know what type of paving you have, i.e. natural stone, concrete block paving or paving slabs for example. Then you need to measure the area if you don’t have the measurement already so that you know how much product you need you to purchase. For the cleaner we can always give an average coverage, however please keep in mind that the amount of cleaner is largely depends on the state of your paving. The dirtier it is the more cleaning product you need, and more than one application maybe required in certain cases.

For the sealers please refer to this coverage chart to give you an idea.

However if you are not sure how much product you need, please do not hesitate to ask us by using ‘Ask the doctor’ functionality.

  • Structural damage to the surface

In some cases it may be necessary to bring in a specialist because your stone may need to be repaired first due to structural damage. Or on some occasions the stone is so deeply ingrained with dirt that it can be difficult to clean without the additional aid of high powered cleaning machines. If your stone fall into this category we are happy to recommend a specialist in your area. Simply click Services tab to ask for a recommendation.

No special equipment is generally required, for sealers you will simply need a paint roller and a tray and some clean absorbent cloths.  For the cleaners a deck brush maybe good to use to agitate the cleaner on the surface and for very large areas a power washer would be helpful to save to clean the product off.

So give it a go this spring and let us know how you get on. We are always interested to see your before and after pictures and hear any feedback.

And just to illustrate how easy it is, take a look at this tongue-in-cheek video for Dry Treat Stain Proof application


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This month we would like to dedicate our blog to what in many  houses is a focal point of their living room or kitchen – fireplaces. A beautiful fireplace place can completely transform a room. If have ever arrived at a hotel or a country pub, especially during cold winter days, you’d know how a cozy fireplace can draw you in and leave you with happy memories of having a good time with a nice drink by the fireplace.

Some loving attention and regular maintenance will keep your fireplace looking its best and ensure you have a steady supply of happy memories for many years to come.


I am trying to clean my granite fireplace wall could you recommend a product, also there are white powdery residues on the black grouting you know what this is. It is backing on to an outside wall.


The white powder sounds like grout residue / efflorescence this can be
removed with our “Cement&Grout Residue Remover” cleaner. I would recommend that you once
clean and dry that you seal your grout lines with our “Tile Tidy” which we
have in black to re-colour and seal your grout lines and stop this white
residue from coming back.
Then if you wish for ease of ongoing maintenance you could also seal your
granite using our invisible ” Dry Treat Stain Proof” sealer or if you prefer to enhance
the colour use our “Dry Treat Intensifia” which is also a sealer.

Best regards



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Time flies! Just 13 days left until Christmas and only few more weeks until the New Year. the Stonedoctors are looking forward to the festive break. It has been a great year and we would like to say thank you to all our Customers for their business and support during 2014. We are looking forward to receiving your questions on cleaning your natural stone patios, driveways, tiles, bricks, fireplace and kitchen counter-tops and we always aim to get back to you within 24 hours with a response. More so our advice is absolutely FREE.

We chose this question as this reminds us what our business is all about: helping customer to maintain and improve their homes. We know are house-proud you are, and so we are. As far as Stonedoctors are concerned – no stain is too small!


We have fireclay tiles on our yard and some have become quite black from the weather.
I wash with bleach to remove the slippery coating during the winter bit the black marks remain.
I was wondering is there a product available to bring back their nice , warm colour.


We have a very popular cleaner for paving called “All In One Outdoor
Cleaner” apply neat on the the black spot area and allow to soak for 1
hour during this time agitate the surface with a hard bristle deck
brush. Then wash surface with clean water and allow to dry. It may not
be possible to remove the black spots completely so once clean and dry
we recommend to seal with our “STONTEX PAVER PLUS” this easy to
apply two coat treatment will enhance the original colour of your
paving and should greatly reduce / disguise the black marks entirely
as well as protecting the paving from further staining.

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Cold, oh so cold! With the dark winter nights upon us it is the perfect time to do all those small jobs around your house that were put on the long finger for too long.  For the next few months we will be providing more advice on how to clean and seal your natural stone fireplaces, tables, tiles and internal walls.  Hope you find this helpful.


I have a dining table of travertine stone with wineglass rings and fruit juice stains how can I remove these if possible?


Our Oxy Klenza heavy duty cleaner is ideal to remove stains safely even from acid sensitive materials like your travertine.
Mix with warm water and agitate with a nylon brush leave to activate for about 15-20 mins then rinse with clean water.
If you have any etch marks i.e. dull marks on the stone these can be buffed out and we can recommend a specialist in your area that can provide this service.
NB once your stone is clean and dry we highly recommend that it be sealed our Dry Treat Stain Proof is ideal in giving long lasting protection without the need to reapply sealer again for up to 15years

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